About Us


In 1998, Fiest Gloves wanted to establish itself as an authority in the boxing industry through the design, integrity of its equipment and our total commitment to the sport. We've always felt that a certain magic happens when you put your hand on a boxing glove. You feel its power and at the same time understand your own.

Boxing gives hope to some, changes the lives of others and creates champions from a select few who are willing to challenge their limits. Whatever your goals are, we want to help you achieve them.

About US

In 2007, Fiest Gloves expanded into martial arts and quickly became the brand of choice for many of today's top combat athletes. Fiest Gloves MMA continues to make its mark in kickboxing, cage fighting and all mixed martial arts. We combine our knowledge of boxing with a real understanding of what is required in today's fastest growing sport. Whether your focus is improving your standup, mastering a good Greco-Roman style of wrestling, or just general wrestling philosophy, TITLE MMA has the gear to get you there.

We want fighters, trainers and bodybuilders to feel confident they can trust us. Whether it's through our gear, clothing or the information we provide, there's only one path to the title and we're with you on it.

The passion that drives you to do your best inspires us to do our best. Fiest Gloves - THE BEST Boxing Gear, Accessories and EQUIPMENT Check out TITLE Boxing HQ in this video and hear our Marketing Director Douglas Ward talk about boxing tools, accessories and equipment.